Say I DO Without Going Into Debt

A wedding is a beautiful and magic day for two people who truly love each to share their celebration with friends and family. Unfortunately, it can quickly turn into an expensive day, leaving many brides and grooms to make sacrifices to their wedding.

Of course, anybody who knows anything about planning a wedding knows that you shouldn’t let your budget get in way of celebrating your special day the way you want. Below are some tips to help you host the wedding of your dreams without having to pay the cost of your nightmares.

Use a Photographer Wisely

Too many brides assume that if they hire a photographer to cover their wedding then they must also cover the reception. And while it’s a nice idea, it’s costly and unnecessary.

With your church wedding photos taken care of by a professional, purchase a bulk amount of small disposable cameras and place a few of them on each table with a note encouraging people to use them to capture their memories, leaving them on the table once they had finished.

At the end of the night, simply collect all of these cameras and you will have an album full of photos from a range of different perspectives.

No More Florist, Either!

Don’t worry, this tip won’t leave your wedding without flowers. Instead of hiring an expensive florist, search online for wedding bouquet ideas which you can easily create yourself. Once you have a few designs in mind, take them to the distributors at your closest flower warehouse and get some prices. You will be surprised at just how cheap flowers are, with the majority of the cost being the service provided by the florist.

Once you have your designs and your order, your bridesmaids can simply head to the warehouses early in the morning to pick them up and make your bouquet before you even wake up!

Take Advantage of Discounts and Coupons

Did you know that you can get the majority of your groom and groomsmen’s clothes and accessories for a discount price using the Groupon Coupons page for Allen Edmonds? Jackets, ties, shoes, all of it! And it doesn’t stop there. Many of the items you will use for your wedding, such as table decorations and even gifts can all be purchased at discounted prices by using sites like Groupon.

Say Yes to the Used Dress

Do you know how long you will actually be wearing your dress for? Hours. Not days. Hours. With this in mind, give some thought to just how used a used wedding dress really is. And considering that absolutely nobody will know that the dress isn’t new, it makes a lot of sense to buy a second-hand wedding dress. Often, this will allow you to wear a designer which was previously out of your price range.

A tight budget doesn’t have to mean a resurrected wedding, it just means a little creative thinking like the ideas above. Sit down with your budget and wedding item list and see where else you can trim some costs by thinking outside the box.

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