Why beginners should be twice cautious while choosing cannabis seed strains?

Even though there are thousands of people who smoke cannabis, not everyone decides to grow their own cannabis.  Among those who decide to grow weeds do not sustain their cultivations after the first or second batch of cultivation. Only a small percentage of cannabis users successfully cultivate their own cannabis. There are many reasons for this trend and one of the major reasons is the underlying misconception that cannabis cultivation is very complicated and that it is not meant for everyone. However, the reality is far from what most people think or believe. Growing cannabis is certainly not a complex task. It is not much different from growing any other plant in your garden. You do not need any special experience to start the cultivation process.

In case you are deciding to grow your weeds for personal use, then one important factor that you should remember is choosing the right type of cannabis seeds. Very often beginners fail to make the right choices. They choose their cannabis seeds without much thought and finally fail to success in their cultivation project. As a beginner you need to be twice cautious while choosing your seeds. Here are some of the key reasons why you should be twice cautious while selecting the seeds.

There are hundreds of genetic strains such as Hash strains, landrace strains and many such. Each genetic strain will have its own advantage and speciality. Their flavours also vary from one to the other. When you are growing your cannabis from seeds, you have the advantage of growing any genetic strain you like. You do not have this advantage when you choose to buy your cannabis from the grey market. Just to take advantage of this benefit many cannabis users are slowly preferring to grow their own cannabis.

Secondly, each genetic strain has its own set of characteristic requirements while growing. Some of them are easy to grow while others are not so easy to grow. This is where it becomes very important to choose varieties that are easy to grow. In the beginning you will need to learn every step in the cultivation process. If you happen to choose a genetic strain that is too fussy then your success rate is likely to be very low. Keep all these factors in mind when you are picking your genetic strains for cultivation.

As there are many beginner strains you will certainly not have to worry. You can always find a suitable genetic strain that will grow well in your area. Do not rush to order your seeds before you have done your initial research. An important factor to be remembered here is that, just because you have selected a beginner strain, it does not mean that there will be no challenges in the cultivation process. With beginner strains the challenges are likely to be smaller and that you could overcome them easily without any problem. Go ahead and pick your seeds correctly.

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